Health/First Aid

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Antibacterial Items
Promotional antibacterial products promote your brand and a clean and healthy lifestyle. Rec..
Bandage Dispensers
Everyone gets an occasional cut or scrape. Our promotional bandaid cases and dispensers can be ea..
First Aid Kits
Emergencies can strike at any time. That's why these promotional first aid kits are the perfect g..
Hot & Cold Packs
Whether you work in a medical setting or just want to keep important first aid items on hand, inv..
Medicine Spoons
To promote your health center, doctor's office, or medical insurance agency, try handing out thes..
Personal Thermometers
Our Promotional thermometers make the perfect giveaways, especially if your business is in a..
Pill Boxes
Gifts and Promotions International is proud to offer a great selection of promotional p..
With so much emphasis being placed on the importance of health care in present day, doctors need ..
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